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The goal of the Beitman Laser Eye Institute is to help patients achieve their highest vision potential using our decades-long experience, surgical skill and advanced medical technology. We aim at all times to deliver outstanding, industry-leading patient care with integrity, compassion and professionalism.

The Beitman Laser Eye Institute is Michigan's preeminent custom vision correction center. The Institute was established in 1981, when Dr. Beitman was among the first surgeons in the Midwest to offer Radial Keratotomy (RK) refractive surgery. More than twenty years later, the Beitman Laser Eye Institute continues to serve as an industry leading, high-tech provider of custom LASIK.

The Beitman Laser Eye Institute was among the first LASIK practices in Michigan to offer the recently FDA-approved VISX® WaveScan System for CustomVue laser vision correction. CustomVue, also referred to as custom ablation or custom cornea, uses wavefront guided technology to produce superior LASIK outcomes with corrected vision potentially exceeding 20/20 and night vision that frequently exceeds the best night vision possible with glasses or contacts.

The VISX WaveScan System captures a "fingerprint" of the eye 25 times more precisely than previous measuring methods. WaveScan moves beyond evaluation of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism to capture more specific imperfections in an individual's vision. This data is then used to generate a unique, individualized treatment for the CustomVue procedure. The Beitman Laser Eye Institute was the first in Michigan to offer CustomVue in tandem with the IntraLASIK® "all-laser," bladeless vision correction procedure to ensure our patients the safest, most accurate LASIK outcome possible.

All surgical technology used at the Beitman Laser Eye Institute is powered by the industry leading VISX Star S4 laser, which is considered the gold standard among laser systems. Not only is the VISX Star S4 the most technologically advanced laser system in the world today, it is approved by the FDA for the widest range of corrections.

With the availability of CustomVue, IntraLASIK and the VISX Star S4 laser at the Beitman Laser Eye Institute, many patients who were previously considered non-candidates for vision correction due to thinner corneas and other related conditions may now be able to experience the life altering benefits of LASIK.


Robert D. Beitman, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Founder, Medical Director, Surgeon
Dr. Robert D. Beitman
Dr. Robert Beitman is a world renowned, board-certified expert in the field of laser refractive surgery and cataracts. He holds a Medical Degree from Wayne State University and received his ophthalmology residency training at Detroit's Sinai Hospital, which pioneered the use of lasers in vision correction surgery.

Through the Beitman Laser Eye Institute and Dr. Beitman's previous ophthalmology private practice, he has served the vision care needs of the Metropolitan Detroit area for more than 25 years. Dr. Beitman pioneered a number of new procedures in laser vision and cataract surgery and is recognized by his peers as a leader in the profession. To further his knowledge and that of other refractive surgeons, Dr. Beitman founded the Michigan Keratorefractive Society (MKS) in 1990. He also teaches, consults and lectures other refractive surgeons on the latest surgical techniques and outcomes as well as his own extensive research.

In 1996, after training with LASIK leader Dr. Luis Ruiz in Bogotá, Columbia, Dr. Beitman had the distinction of performing the first LASIK procedure in Michigan. His early interest and intuitive surgical skill in the new field of "Laser Refractive Surgery" allowed him to play an integral role in FDA studies for the initial approval of LASIK and subsequent evaluations of LASIK treatment for extreme myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia. Dr. Beitman has performed more than 25,000 vision correction procedures in his career with a degree of success that surpasses already impressive LASIK industry standards.

Dr. Beitman was the first surgeon in Michigan to utilize the VISX® Star S3 Laser with Eye Tracker and has since upgraded his laser systems further to the VISX STAR S4. He also was the first to offer his patients the VISX Variable Spot Scanning Technology (VSS) which effectively allows him to treat up to an 8mm optic zone for those patients with larger pupils. Further, he was among the first surgeons in Michigan to perform Instant Vision Cataract Surgery, a procedure utilizing the topical anesthesia/no stitch, no needle, no patch format. Never one to rest on his previous accomplishments, Dr. Beitman became the first LASIK surgeon in Michigan in 2003 to offer the industry revolutionizing custom cornea CustomVue with wavefront technology in tandem with the bladeless, all-laser IntraLASIK procedure.

Among his many honors and awards, Dr. Beitman was named one of the top five surgeons in 2002 by LVCI, the world's largest supplier of LASIK-related medical equipment. That same year, the Beitman Laser Eye Institute was named one of the top 50 practices in the nation for achieving excellence in refractive surgery. Dr. Beitman is listed in Franette Armstrong's 1999 Edition of Beyond Glasses! The Consumers Guide to Laser Vision Correction as one of the world's leading experts in laser vision correction. He was also included for three consecutive years on the VISX Star 100 Surgeons list based on his VISX laser experience.


Jeffrey E. Rautio, O.D.
Director of Refractive Services
Dr. Jeffrey E. Rautio, O.D.
Dr. Jeffrey Rautio, Director of Refractive Services, is responsible for all pre- and post-operative patient care, patient and staff education, and quality improvement initiatives at the Beitman Laser Eye Institute. He is also the coordinator and Optometrist/Physician Liaison for the Institute's CoMP Care Co-Management Program. Dr. Rautio has worked exclusively in the field of laser vision correction since 1999 and has successfully managed over 15,000 LASIK/IntraLASIK and CustomVue cases.

Since joining the Beitman Laser Eye Institute in June 2000, Dr. Rautio has lectured extensively to optometrists and ophthalmologists in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. As an adjunct consultant for VISX, his discussion topics have included new technologies in refractive surgery, LASIK co-management, and the integration of advanced technology into LASIK practices. Dr. Rautio has achieved certification on the Intralase laser system for the creation of IntraLASIK all-laser corneal flaps and received advanced training in the VISX CustomVue wavefront treatment of myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia. He has also published numerous articles on LASIK co-management, sports vision, and the Intralase laser system.

Prior to joining the Beitman Laser Eye Institute, Dr. Rautio held a senior staff position at Henry Ford Hospital -- West Bloomfield Center -- for 14 years. In addition to his duties as Department Head of Optometry at HFH-West Bloomfield, Dr. Rautio was a clinical instructor in the Ferris State University College of Optometry - Extern Program. He also served as team optometrist for the Detroit Lions from 1991-2000 where his responsibilities included the treatment and management of on-field ocular emergencies for Detroit Lion players and opponents.

Dr. Rautio graduated with honors from the Ferris State University College of Optometry in 1986.

As Director of Refractive Services at the Beitman Laser Eye Institute, Dr. Rautio is committed to providing patients with superior clinical care and exceptional outcomes in a caring and professional manner.


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